Baptism Testimony

Baptism Testimony

The hour I first believed it wasn’t the light show that made the coliseums glow, that struck the cords of my violin heart. You humbled yourself down from your kingdom from your crown to the harvest of my soul to plant one single seed I called hope. That was just the beginning the sunrise of your majesty. You held me close, grew gardens through my broken bones. As I began to learn the one we call lord. This was my path; this was the start of the greatest love I’ve ever come to know. Of the one that saved my soul. Though you were perfect and I was not. I stumbled, fell, and took steps back. Your love was unshakable, Jesus was there. So there’s the day that I’m standing in church praising your glory. I declared deep within that I would never step back from this life we had formed. But it came not as I expected. It was the little things, the blinded ambitiousness, the lies and lust that had caught me in my weakness. I said that I loved you, but my life proclaimed that I didn’t even know you. What little faith I had left was broken. God still loved me, too much to leave me on a foundation of pursuits that would surely sink me. So there I fell deep in the waters, I lost everything I had, then I saw Jesus as my only. You would think I’d be devastated to lose it all. But I rejoiced with my savior this I knew would last. An unbreakable love I was free at last

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