Love Bound

12924616_522402964610978_568932205197623_nI’ve had times where I’ve been so in love with the Lord that I could feel such a powerful consuming fire within me. I’ve had times where its been calm waters, where I read my scripture, prayed, and went to church but didn’t feel great and amazing things. Still I knew Christ was there and its not always about those cloud nine feelings. As well I know there is a meaning for whatever season I’m in with Christ . He is always looking to grow me but still won’t give more then I can handle. My current relationship with Christ is that of the calm waters, still I ache and reason with him that I’m ready for the fire. I want to feel truly and deeply in love with God. Slowly I am starting to feel that again, Im so thankful for each and every experience I have with my saviour. Just this week I was at church and asked to be prayed over, I had a terrible tooth ache that kept me up all night. In the name of Jesus I was healed! no more tooth ache, Amen. A week before I had a vivid dream in which the Lord declared to me going through with bible college was the right choice. In order to welcome the saviour to pour intimacy into my life I believe in keeping an environment that welcomes the Holt Spirit. To me this means reading scripture on a daily basis, praying throughout the day, and keeping good company. I especially believe in keeping good company, I intertwine through my friends and family and we either help each other grow or wilt our potential. Although Im someone who loves to help lonely hearted people, my core relationships are all Christ like. They have been my encouragement along the way. So at the end of the day? My relationship with Christ is so beautiful but it could be so much more.

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