Mountains at my feet

10397124_10203580858715680_8270112109370541738_oSometimes, as children of God we run up our mountain path chasing goodness as if it was a butterfly dancing in the wind. I know Christ is there with us with a heart filled with light. He delights in our joy and praises our faith, as he sings hallelujah with us as we reach for the top. There are days like this, where we bask in the radiant light of love, happiness, and health. Growing towards our saviour with such a strength that we raise others up who are near to us. There are days that are nothing like this, and that’s okay too. I know, I’ve come across times that I’ve been so frozen on that mountain, Blessings withered at my feet and the devil wasted no time to plant seeds of hopelessness in their place. If all that stood before me was glorious, my eyes were too clouded to see it. I didn’t reach out to a saviour who still sang hallelujah. I wasn’t living for Christ, so I simply wasn’t living. The only thing is I stayed as the most patient saviour cut down the poison the devil tried to grow. As he was at work cutting down all that was evil, He whispered “I promise! I promise! I promise!” and when I was ready, he handed me grace, redemption, healing, and love. My soul cried out hallelujah and just like that we left that spot on the mountain and walked upward. There are seasons and struggles throughout life that I can’t predict but I know what lies ahead is the same love that stands by my side forever and always.

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