Wild Fire


Breath in, breath deep and know its okay to move. I’ve danced to the music of this world so many times. Ive entrained its lyrics through my mind as they seeped into my heart. I’ve sang songs in the face of devil and told myself I was only half broken. As if shattered isn’t the only true product of living in this place. Now the sun has risen, I can feel the warmth on my skin as it writes a new story into the fabric of my being. But I don’t reach out, I don’t let the story take over, I don’t hold the Sun no matter how badly I desire to be wild fire. For wild fire, knows how to move. Reaching towards the skies, into the arms of the Father.There is warmth in “I love you” but there is flames that burns chains in “I forgive you”. So sweep me away into the fires dance and I dare not say sorry for when this world falls beneath my feet. You’ve held me for to long, id rather be free

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